Sunday, September 9, 2012

feelin' good was easy, Lord, when he sang the blues

The temperature dropped about twenty degrees (from 104°) in one day, just in time for my sister and I to run the color me rad race in Fort Worth, Texas yesterday. It was probably the most fun 5k anyone could ever run. The day prior to the race was a shopping day, where I picked up this comfy dress at H&M. It hangs perfectly with the back hemline dropping lower than the front, just enough to make it so I don't have to wear shorts under. Also, I apologize for the over-wearing of these booties. They are my favorite, but I think its time to give them a break and find some new ones.

dress--h&m / rings & necklace--vintage / bracelets--diy / shoes--urban outfitters / nail polish--zoya

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