Friday, March 2, 2012

Grandparents House

This reminds me of my Mormor and Morfar's house. My grandparents came over to North America, in their twenties, from Denmark. Their house is full of collectable Danish plates on the walls, antique swords, and puke colored everything. Don't get me wrong, 'puke colors' is a positive description in my brain. This eclectic way of decorating has definitely rubbed off on me. 

And hello..look at the dress in the second photo down! I see the skeleton of a pelvic bone, origami and bleached out sea shells being the inspiration behind this number. I am always a fan of sheerness (which is recurring throughout the editorial), bejeweled bralettes, beaded caps and hanging out in your grandparents house playing dress up. 

Dansk Magazine. Issue: Spring/Summer 2012. Title: Age of Consent. Model: Agnete Hegelund. Photography: Jimmy Backius. Styling: Gabi Humnicki. [...]

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  1. Love this editorial spread